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Here's a permanent page on my website to lay all the "what gear do you use" questions to rest. Nah for real though, I understand - I'm a gear nerd myself. It's always interesting to find out what photographers are using what gear; just don't get too wrapped up in the quest for gear.

At any point, if you ever wonder what gear I’m currently using visit my website and check this page: About > What Gear I Use.
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- Camera & Lenses
- Drone & Aerial Equipment
- Misc & Accessories
- Studio & Computers
- 35mm Film


Last updated: 14 April 2018

* If you are a brand and would like to send me gear to test, review, add to this list please email me here.


My main photography & videography kit & lenses. My style of shooting is very run-and-gun. I am often flipping between photo and video mode as I often to both - especially whilst travelling. I have a preference for fast lenses and lenses with IS (for stable video).

Canon 5d Mark iv

The Canon 5d Mark IV is my main workhorse. I use it for both stills and video. It isn't the most spec'd out camera out there at this price point but I still rate it pretty high. The practicality and usability of it really suits my run-and-gun shooting style.

SIGMA 24-70MM F/2.8 ART IS

This is a staple lens in a lot of photographers kits. The range is super versatile (wide to tele) and the fast f/2.8 aperture means you can still mostly use it in lower light situations. I went with Sigma's latest Art version because it comes with IS.


This lens weights so much. It is worth it (mostly) for the great bokeh and sharpness but I wish Sigma would have chilled with the weight a little.


canon 16-35mm F/2.8 III L

Great lens and focal range. Everyone needs a good quality wide lens in their kit. I feel 16 is as wide as I'd go (before things start to get really distorted). This lens also works great for video - especially if you're doing a lot of hand held shooting.

CANON 50 F/1.8 STM 

A.K.A. the “nifty-fifty”. I love this lens. It is ridiculous cheap and still produces great quality images. I can knock it around and not have to worry about it too much.


Canon 85mm f/1.4 is l

I bought this lens specifically because of it's wide aperture and longer focal lengths. Great for bokeh, detail shots and portraits. I went with the 1.4 IS version over the Canon 85mm 1.2 & the cheaper Sigma 85mm 1.4 because this lens has IS which will help a lot with video work.

CANON 24-105MM F/4.0 II

This is a great walk around lens if you're doing video. The image stabilization (IS) is invaluable for this. The focal range is also pretty convenient. It is great in the day, but once it starts to get dark the f/4.0 aperture can be a little slow.


This is probably one of my favourite lenses. It is probably one of my sharpest lenses. I do also prefer shooting with the 35mm focal length - especially for portraits.


If you follow my Instagram or work you’ll know how fond I am of DJI drones. They are awesome for photos and videos and take your production level up a notch. Here is what I own & use.


Easily my favourite drone (if only it were more portable). The image quality and video capabilities is incredible. It handles tough flying conditions with ease. If only it folded down into my backpack.


(See previous Polarpro P4P kit description). These are great quality Mavic Air filters but are so tiny and can be fiddly trying to get them on and off - still essential though!.



I always have the Mavic Air in my camera backpack when travelling. It so small and compact (and still so capable). The stills quality is great and the video capabilities is near unbelievable. I worked with DJI on the Australian launch of the Mavic air which you can check out here.


If you own filters for your P4P,  you should consider getting this upgraded gimbal lock from Polarpro. The original DJI clamp won't fit on if you have an aftermarket filter attached. This gimbal lock does. It will save you a lot of time in drone deployment.



Super essential part of any drone kit. The Neutral Density filters are necessary to get that cinematic (motion blur) look. Polarpro’s filters are also made from high quality aluminium.


Here is a list of miscellaneous items that I consider pretty essential and handy. I use these items a lot.

apple iPhone X white 256gb

I have long been an iPhone user ever since I got a smartphone. The X is great but not perfect. The screen quality, size and colossal 256GB internal storage are my favourite things about it. FaceID sucks though.


ICM x Makavelic Camera bag

This is my new, main travel & camera bag. It well designed and perfect for what I need. It is a collaboration bag between the Japanese photography collective and an awesome Japanese bag company. I wrote a detailed review on it which you can read here. There are plenty more pics and info in my review.

Read review here.



peak design slide lite camera strap

This strap is great (mostly). It’s strong, comfortable, looks great and has the peak design anchor/clip system which allows you to easily attach & detach the strap. I find this really useful as I’m constantly putting the camera on and off my gimbal. One annoying thing about it however is that the strap often gets in the way of my screen & viewfinder when lifting the camera to my eye.

rode video mic pro (v2)

Having a good quality, off camera mic is pretty important - bad audio ruins videos. The Rode mics are great. If you can afford the newer Video Mic Pro Plus get that (it turns itself on and off) otherwise the regular pro is decent too.

Fotga rocket blower

Buy a few of these and leave one everywhere. It will save you from the temptation of using your dirty t-shirt, fingers, or mouth to blow dust off your camera and lenses. They are cheap and effective.

Tiffen Variable ND.jpg

variable nd (multiple threads)

If you are looking to get into video, you need to buy a lot of variable ND’s. I own a bunch - almost one for each lens. They enable to you get that cinematic (motion blur) look for your DSLR. It’s variable nature means you can change it’s strength to suit the light.


I recently ditched the Zhiyun Crane and went with the DJI Ronin S. I can already tell you that is a much more rounded product. The usability and software has been more thought out. It just works. Only downside over the crane is that it is slightly heavier (but can handle more weight)

Chrome Industries F-Stop Bag

This bag isn’t the biggest, but is a great size for a casual daypack. I use it on day trips and when I don’t want to carry more than a camera and a few lenses.


pelican case sd card holder

This water & dust proof case is a secure place to store my precious memory cards. It fits 12 SD Cards and 12 Micro SD cards. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is often in rough conditions.


manfrotto befree tripod

This tripod is a great size and weight and does it’s job well. It also had a good height to it. This model’s base plate and mounting system however is a little annoying to use.

lenskirt (glass reflections)

This is probably one of the best kept camera secrets. I’ve travelled to many countries and seen so many people struggle with window and glass reflections. I’ve seen people have terrible make-shift solutions. This one is cheap, compact and effective!


Zhiyun smooth q (mobile)

This tiny gimbal is great if you shoot a lot with your smartphone. Since I own expensive cameras and it’s larger brother - the Crane 2, I find myself using that setup more.


away luggage medium

My favourite travel suitcase. It is super sturdy, rolls real well (super important) and the compartments and inner netting separators keep everything tied down nice and. Find more info and photos in my review here.

*Use my link for $20 off. Click here.


ulanzi metal smartphone clamp

This is the best iPhone/smartphone clamp out there. The cheap eBay clamps are flimsy and don’t hold the phone well - especially if you’re moving around. I’ve had my iPhone pop out of one and fall flat onto the ground from height. This clamp is industrial sturdy.


joby gorilla pod (dslr)

I’d recommend this gorillapod especially if you hate carrying a full size heavy tripod around. It is useful in a pinch, easy and light to transport. I also use it a lot for setting up iPhone timelapse.


Peak Design Cuff (V2)

Pretty convenient wrist strap that utilises the Peak Design Anchor connectors - easy clip on / clip off system that is compatible with their other products. I can easily switch from my neck strap to the cuff.

Studio / computers

Shooting & filming is only half the work (sometimes even less). To reach the final product, I use these tools to help me get there.

microsoft surfacebook 2 15"

My current travel (workhorse) laptop. It is a top spec beast! I especially love how you can detach the screen and it turns into a comedically large tablet. Using the pen to edit photos is new to me but a cool feature. It can handle most photo and video edits no problem.

apple imac 27" desktop

When I’m at home & not travelling this is my go-to computer. iMacs are relatively affordable (compared to Apple’s laptop range) and relatively more powerful. I use this machine to edit my photos and videos.

lacie 2tb rugged portable hd

My travel & working drive. The durable, drop proof drive gives me peace of mind when I’m abroad. It’s bright orange colour is also super visible which means I’m less likely to lose it or leave it behind.


microsoft arc mouse

If possible, I like to use a mouse - not a fan of laptop trackpads. This mouse has a cool design as it folds flat and packs really well. When you bend it into it’s arc shape (see pic) it turns the mouse on.


synology nas 4 bay ds918+

Super important piece of gear if you value your photos & videos. This 4 BAY NAS helps protect my precious data and creates redundancies to protect my data if any of my hard drives crash. It also allows me to access my files via the Internet. Review and blog post to come soon.

microsoft surface pen

My first tablet pen. It has taken a little getting used to and practice but seems pretty responsive and life like. It also has a addictive click button at the top like a real pen and an inbuilt magnet on the side which lets you attach it to the side of your Surface Book.

seagate 10tb ironwolf hd

These Seagate drives are the best! The huge amounts of storage are more than enough to store my data without me worrying about space. The Ironwolf line are also compatible with NAS BAY solutions.

35mm Film

Admittedly I’m still very new at film photography. I find it a fun process and am keen to learn more about film and it’s process.

pentax mx 35mm film camera

I picked this 35mm film camera up at an auction. It has a great tactile mechanical feeling when the shutter slaps. It is lens interchangeable which is cool and it is fully manual with a working light meter. It is one of the smaller DSLR film cameras I think.

Pentax 100mm f2.8.jpg

pentax 100mm f/2.8 k mount

I recently picked this up as I wanted a tele lens for creamy portrait bokeh.

kodak 35mm portra 400 film

This film stock is a popular one - a lot of the VSCOfilm / VSCOcam filters are based off the Kodak Portra range of films. The colours are great and one of my faves so far.