Frequently asked questions (fAQ)

What exactly is ITCHBAN?

ITCHBAN ( pronounced ichi-ban, 一番 )

It's meant to spell the Japanese phrase "ichi-ban" (first).. Like everyone else, I had to come up with a username and I liked the idea and concept of the phrase. I had to play with the spelling a little to make sure it was unique enough to be available for all platforms.

How did you get so many Instagram followers?

My photos!? Lol jk. It probably grinds down to these factors:

  • I was an early adopter of Instagram, joining the app around 6 months after the it launched.
  • From there I have been featured on a few prominent accounts with exceptionally large audiences; some with close to 2 million followers.
  • More recently I was selected and placed on Instagrams suggested user list. This probably helped me gain the majority of my followers.
  • I'm pretty good with technology and understand the mechanics of social media pretty well.

What gear do you shoot/edit with?

This question probably comes up the most. It doesn’t matter what you shoot with. Photography gear should only ever be thought of as tools to the craft. A painter is what makes the painting, not what paint brush he/she uses. For a full list & commentary of my latest kit check the link below:

What do you edit with?

Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop + VSCO Film, VSCOcam, Snapseed, SKRWT & Instagrams editing tools.

Can I Buy Prints?

You sure can! At this stage however, they are only available upon request. Any photo you find on my website or social media is available as a print. This way, I can customise, print and sign each and every print that goes out. Drop me an email with a link to the print you want: or via the form below.

Can we work / collaborate with you?

Sure can! I'm always up for meeting and working with talented people and brands. Just send me an email via the contact form below.


I hope this FAQ answers most your queries, but if not, feel free to hit me up:

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