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The IPhone 6 Plus Review: For The IPhone 5 Users

Reviewing The Actual User Experience

Given how colossally imbalanced supply and demand is for the plus sized iPhone 6 model (at the time of writing this post), there's probably a pretty big chance that you haven't managed to get your hands on one yet. By now though, you've probably read and watched plenty of reviews on the unit and know all the tech specs of the device. This is not that kind of review.

I'm also not writing to try and convince you to convert from Android to iOS, nor am I writing to help you choose between the 6 and the 6 Plus. This is a review purely for those who are sitting around specifically with an iPhone 5, waiting for 6 Plus stock. You'll be wondering what the experience is like going from the 5 to the 6 plus. 

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