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I had an epiphany watching Interstellar (2014)
Screenshot from Interstellar trailer (2014)

Screenshot from Interstellar trailer (2014)

How to achieve laser like focus

The following might start off sounding a little silly, but bear with me, there is a point to this post.

Lately I've been feeling a bit bogged down and generally indiffernt with life. As a result, focus is a luxury that has been hard to come by. I haven't really been able to pinpoint the cause of this general malaise, that was, until I watched Interstellar (Christopher Nolan's latest Sci-fi epic). 

My Epiphany in Interstellar (2014)

There was a specific scene which led me arrive at an epiphany of sorts, in regards to my malaise and I am thankful that it did. I guess I could think of worst places and situations to have a meaningful epiphany. 

I enjoyed the movie, and would recommend it to you, but to clear; this is not that type of post.

In a storyline-nutshell, Matthew McConaughey's character (Cooper) basically has to save the human race from the dying Earth by venturing out into the unknown Universe in the (slim) hopes of finding a new home / planet for the human race.

The scene which led me to my epiphany was an especially powerful scene where Cooper has to leave his friends, family (crying daughter) and all that he knows on the slim hope that he will be able to save the human race. He leaves willingly, knowing that the possibility of mission success is close to zero, and the possibility of returning, even less.

The grand narrative of this film and it's protagonist could literally not be more epic, and I am fully aware that it is just a film. Even so, this helped me realise through contrast, all the insignificant noise that had silently crept into my life; thing's that I could care less about.

I don't know how these thing's made their way into my life, slowly building to a critical mass and I guess the point of any epiphany is that it all doesn't matter. It is all just noise, and by nature, meaningless distractions keeping...