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iOS Battery Drain: How to improve/optimise your battery life

So many people complain about the battery life of their iPhones but I have never had that problem. I don’t get it. You need to keep in mind that smartphones are no longer the device that you only make calls and send SMS on. If you’re like me you use it for almost everything. I often get close to 8 hours of HEAVY usage out of my phone before I need to charge it. Here’s a guide on how to get to optimise your iOS device to achieve similar results to mine.

Optimising Battery Life

The best way to optimise your iOS 7 battery life is to basically turn off all functions that you don’t use, or don’t use often. Most of these can be done through software settings:

Minimise or turn off Push Mail

This is potentially one of the biggest drains of your iOS battery life. If you have multiple email accounts on your phone, this will definitely save you battery!