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Instagram tip: use the full 1:1 Instagram frame!

*Click here for an updated version of this post (Instagram added new features!)


Please. It just looks plain silly when you convert the aspect ratio of your Instagrams to fit into the 1:1 frame. 

Instagram is and has always been famous for it's 1:1 aspect ratio. It pays tribute to the original Polaroid squarestyled photos and I believe this will never change. This is why it is important to conform to this crop ratio and take full advantage of it. 

Take the picture above for example. This Instagrammers photos are actually decent if you look at them individually, but his feed looks terrible and nonuniform because of all the random white space caused by the cropping. 

I have seen this too often on what would otherwise be promising Instagram feeds. Some lnstagrammers even try to have their entire Instagram gallery converted to the same (wrong) frame size in the hunt for uniformity. Sorry, this still looks silly. It doesn't work, at least not in Instagram.

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