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Guide: How to screen record your iPhone & iPad



With the launch of iOS 8 & Yosemite, you can now easily screen record your iPhone & iPad with your Mac. Apple introduced this screen record feature to aid it's developers in creating app previews for the Apple App store. 

What you'll need:

  • Either an iPhone / iPad
  • Lightning cable
  • Any Apple Mac computer with the latest version of Quicktime (comes with OS)

How to screen record your Apple device:

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  1. Plug your Apple device into your Mac via the lightning cable.
  2. Open the Quicktime app (ignore the Finder window that opens at launch)
  3. In the top menu bar click FILE > NEW MOVIE RECORDING
  4. When the Quicktime there is a little downwards pointing arrow to the right of the record button. Click it and select your Apple Device you want to record.
  5. You can also select which microphone you want to record from (either your iPhone/iPad or your Mac).
  6. Hit the red record button

It's that simple.