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Gear Guide #10 (Mobile Photography)

This weeks Gear Guide also doubles as a mobile photography How-To. These are the main (and only) apps I use to edit my photos found this website and my Instagram (@itchban). I try to do as little post editing as possible as it can be quite time consuming. It also forces me to take a better photo in the first place. Here are my mobile photography apps:

SKRWT - Photography App

Price: $2.49

Symmetry is beauty, and while it's always better to try and nail your shot to minimise post editing, it is not always possible. SKRWT is the answer to achieving symmetry in an easy to use iPhone app. With an intuitive, easy to use interface, you can make sure your picture turns out exactly as you want. Straighten all the running lines in your photo as well as correct for lens distortions. For $2.49 it is a steal and a must have for any mobile photographer.