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3D Printed houses: VIPP Shelter


Prefabricated, Pre-Furnished Designer House

Ok, full disclosure, the house depicted above and in this post by VIPP is not 3D printed (or at least that I know of). It is a however, a prefabricated, pre-furnished designer house that is absolutely stunning - with a $585,000.00 price tag to match. 


VIPP states on their website that delivery time for this prefabricated house is 6 months + freight & installation. All that's required, is that you buy a small slick of land in a beautiful setting like the one picture above.


The house blends effortlessly into it's surroundings. It is a two level space, constructed with a steel frame and transparent shell, where only the bathroom and bedroom are shielded from the main living space. Oh, theres a small kitchen included too!.


It is encouraging, that we're now entering an age where prefabricated houses are no longer the cheap and tacky dwellings we're used to seeing in cookie-cutte suburbia. With the advent of 3D printing, we now live in an age where affordable, transportable, high-design houses can be "transmitted" to your nearest printer.


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