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Album drops: J Cole & JMSN released!

J Cole - Forest Hills Drive

Today is a good day for music. To be honest, I haven't really listened to music much lately; there hasn't been anything worth the effort, that is until today. I just copped J Cole's new album, and if his previous albums are anything to go off, this album shouldn't disappoint! Three tracks in, and so far so good! (Thank god)

JMSN (Self Titled)

JMSN JMSN album cover

Another noteworthy recent EP drop is by JMSN. If you like The Weeknd, then you might like JMSN. I think this is his first EP. The first track (Kaytranda ft JMSN - All we do) of his I heard was sick, and was what inspired me to start the WEEKEND VIBES series. 

Go pickup their new EPs!