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Get Money: Formula 1 2014 Mercedes domination
2014 Mercedes Foruma 1 Car "Silver Arrow"

2014 Mercedes Foruma 1 Car "Silver Arrow"

How to make a quick buck

*Disclaimer: gambling bad, investing good!

Before you continue reading, you should know that I do not endorse gambling. For the most part, and for the large majority of the world's population, gambling is a destructive addiction. It is by nature illogical, irrational, conceited and wrapped in a hubris that will consume you and your wallet. Bar that "one lucky guy" you always hear stories about, there is a higher than likely chance that you will walk away with less than you arrived with, and leave with a broken soul. There is no better way to put it.

Remember, “the first rule of investing is to never lose money” - Warren Buffet.

That being said though, investing is an activity that I do endorse. On the surface, both are deceptively the same, with four very significant differences: knowledge, thought, adaptability  and experience! If you strive to understand all the variables involved, know and understand your own risk profile, be honest to yourself about your current financial situation, pay enough attention to the task at hand and manage risk as a top priority, opportunities to improve your financial situation are aplenty. Remember, "the first rule of investing is to never lose money" - Warren Buffet. Opportunities exist everywhere, be it the stock market or Motor-sports.