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Get Money: Race 5 Spain (11/05)
2014 F1 Race Venue: Spain

2014 F1 Race Venue: Spain

My current investment log:

For those of you who want to follow my progress on this investment opportunity, be sure to check back to this blog and subscribe as I will publish a blog post before / after each race to let you know my strategy and the outcome every race.

Race 5/19 Spain (11/05)

Pre-race positions

Qualifying run: Ricciardo vs Vettel @ 1.70 (13.42% stake of allocated pot) (WIN)

2014 F1 Spain Results

Race positions: 

  1. Race winner: L. Hamilton @ 1.57 (6.71% stake of allocated pot) (WIN)
  2. Podium finish (top 3): N. Rosberg @ 1.22 (19.46%) (WIN)
  3. Top 6 finish: D. Ricciardo @ 1.45 (67.11%) (WIN)

Strategy / though process


Leading into the race I have closed out 1/4 positions with a win. The thought process behind choosing the head-to-head of Ricciardo vs. Vettel was that the odds were the slightly skewed odds given the rooky status of F1 newcomer Ricciardo stacked against 4 time F1 world champion Vettel. Ricciardo (minus his unfortunate early season bad luck) has consistently outperformed his team member at every turn. Vettel on the other hand has been massively under performing as he is not able to take a handle on his new car.

I do predict that the perception of ability between Ricciardo and Vettel will begin to rapidly close after this race (and so will the distance between offered odds), so it was an opportunity I had to jump on before it becomes too risky / not worth it.