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Get Money: Race 6 Monaco (25/05) - Updated post race!
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Current time of writing: 12:07 (+10 AEST), just under 6 hours before Practice 1 session.

This weekend I believe the results will be more or less what is to be expected of the rest of the season: Mercedes 1/2 finish with Red Bull and possible Alonso fighting it out for third - minus the obvious unforeseen circumstances of collisions / mechanical issues of course.

Pre-Race Positions

My usual position for pre race runs would be to bet against Vettel and favour Ricciardo, though given last weeks race with Vettel showing that he's possible got a handle on his RB10 (finally), I think I will sit this one out.

FYI head-to-head D Ricciardo (1.95) vs S Vettel (1.76) @ 12:10 22/05

Might be worth it? Due to his strong performance last week, I guess Vettels a little overpriced as I still believe D Ricciardo is the superior racer (currently only).

Race Positions

  1. Double Podium finish: Mercedes @ 1.39 (50% stake of allocated pot)
  2. Top 6 finish: D Ricciardo @ 1.33 (25% stake)