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Fully assembled working iPhone 6!

Apple event: 9th September 2014

Ha! Even this is a first for Apple. Closest they ever got to anything near this level of full model leak was when an Apple employee lost an iPhone 4 prototype at a bar in San Fransisco - which ended in a police raid of the home of the person who found it.

As far as leaks go, leakers and rumourmongers have never managed to assemble a working iPhone from leaked parts before.

This is now 100% confirmed as the final design of the iPhone 6 model. The only other unknown factors will be the variety of colours and specifications it will be released in.

  • NFC (iWallet / payments system to follow)

  • Protruding Camera Lens

  • 4.7 Inch Screen

  • Curved edged Sapphire Crystal composite screen

  • Relocated Power button to right side of phone

I'd really like to fast forward a few months and see how that protruding camera lens holds up! Even if it is made of high quality Sapphire...

Only a week left! 

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