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Exclusive: Instagram Security Flaw exposed!


Your home, work and/or other significant addresses are at risk of being compromised due to an unintended consequence of Instagram's Photo Map feature.

Through my research, I believe that a significant number of users are unaware that once they use the Photo Map feature once, it is turned to ON AS DEFAULT from then onwards. Every picture you post from then onwards will be geotagged with your location unless and until you manually switch the feature off.

This becomes hazardous after enough posts are made as photo clusters and patterns start to emerge on your Photo Map. 

I have found this effects MANY users, some with over 500k followers. The design flaw is dangerously precise and gives away your addresses on the very publicly accessible Instagram map.

Try it yourself. I can bet you can easily find many users that are effected. Your own account and addresses might even be compromised!

Click below to find out how to hack users locational data in Instagram and to find out why this is happening!