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Why you shouldn't study

/Sulibreezy - Why I Hate School but Love Education

Here is a video that I wholeheartedly agree and relate to. I quite often run into people who keep saying that "studying" is not for them, and thus they give up on any notion of increasing their knowledge and skills, and relent to the labourers life.

I feel like they have been mislead by a broken educational system into what studying actually is. In school, they were forced to "study' thing's that were of no interest to them, guided by teachers who could care less about them, floating through an educational system which can't wait to get rid of them.

Their idea and memories of reading a book of any sort are filled with dread and regret. Absorbing any amount of quality information to them has been paired with bad feelings, drooping eyes and despair.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to see the brighter side to "studying", we know that knowledge and learning is the key. It is our responsibility and life's mission to absorb as much knowledge and information before we expire.

Studying, when focused on topics that actually interest you, is an entirely different world. You can learn about exactly what interests you, and disregard all that bores you. If I have learnt anything through my academic career, it is to learn how to learn. 

This is the key to study.