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the BEST iPhone & iPad Accessory

NATIVE UNION 3 meter Lightning Cable

Yeah yeah, first world problem. Still though, you shouldn't knock it until you try it. It seems so obvious after you use it: a 3 meter iPhone / iPad lightning cable. It is so liberating! No longer are you bound and leashed to an power outlet.

You can now use your phone whilst it is charging from practically anywhere in your room. The Native Union cable is a strong and bendable braided cable with a handy leather cable belt (for when you don't want to utilise it's full length). It is also rated for higher voltages to charge the iPad.

It is relatively more expensive (AUD$34.95) but definitely worth it. This is one of those purchases that you won't think much of, but will be forever grateful for. It is highly recommended!

You can pick one up at the official Apple website / store here or from the Native Union website.