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Awesome 4k Dubai Timelapse (@Matjoez)

Check out this rad 4k time-lapse by my good friend and fellow Sydney Instagrammer @matjoez! His time-lapse & photography work is top notch - definitely one of the best out there so you should definitely check his work out.

If you've ever wondered what the life of an Instagrammer, photographer, film maker, vlogger is and all-round good bloke is like, you should also check out his YouTube channel. Yep he daily vlogs and he's pretty good at it.

He attends a lot of cool Instagram / Photography related events. There's plenty to learn from his vlogs and they're pretty entertaining!

Look Ma, I'm on YouTube!

I've also made it into a few of his vlogs (even made blog thumbnail above). His Instagram account is @matjoez and you can find his YouTube channel in the link below: