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Awe Supply Co: Instagram Curation Project

I've started a new social media / photography project! It is an Instagram curation account which you can find under the Instagram handle @awesupply.

It is a Adventure, Travel & Lifestyle centred curation account which celebrates only the best Instagrammers and their amazing work! As the name would suggest, the goal of the project is to supply you with awe and inspiration; to get you out of the house and into the world.

The inception and foundations for this project began with the distinct feeling I get every time I see a brilliant photo on Instagram. That hint of envy, of wonder, admiration and slight jealousy I feel when I see great photography made me realise that I am not able be everywhere, all the time to capture all these great moments and sights. With the help of all the great Instagram talent out there I hope to build a creative community and pool our resources together to share all our experiences and expertise.

The wider community who follow this account will get a steady supply of awe and at the same time the account will provide exposure and promote all the great Instagrammers out there. As you can see above, the first dozen entries are phenomenal. I would greatly appreciate your support and contributions!

How you can help & participate

Follow the account @awesupply.

To contribute and submit your photos for a chance to be featured, use the tag #awesupply and mention @awesupply on Instagrams.

Again, thank you for your support!