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Apple Macbook & Watch Videos are mesmerising

By now you've probably already heard all that is to hear about the new (2015) Apple Macbook & Watch range. The Macbook looks absolutely stunning and will undoubtedly do very well; although I don't think it is powerful enough for my needs. I'll have to wait until they hard refresh their higher performing range.

The Watch on the other hand is ridiculously expensive, regardless of which model you want! Let's be honest, no one will buy the Sports range. It is basically Apple's watch version of the iPhone 6 16GB. 


The one that I want (42mm Space Black with the steel link bracelet) is going to retail for AUD$1,629.00. Lol, WUT? The strap alone as an accessory is retailing for AUD$679.00! That particular model and Space Black in general seems to be the highest in the mid Apple Watch range. There also seems to be less bands and options available in the space black (this might change closer to the launch date).

The price is pretty ridiculous, especially given that Apple themselves aren't even sure what the purpose and function of the Watch is. This was obvious in their #AppleLive "Spring Forward" event. They should have either gave us a more compelling story of why we actually need the Watch (functionally) or should have doubled down on touting how beautiful and well made the thing is. Instead they took a flaky path and didn't really accomplish anything.

My impressions of the watch from the event: Jack of all trades, master of none.

You also have to consider the product cycle of the Watch; is it on a 1, 2 or 5 year refresh cycle? Then you have to take into account all the fact that this is a first generation tech device. There were multiple reports of Apple wanting to include ground breaking sensor technologies into the watch but couldn't perfect it in time. As the FDA is super strict, Apple couldn't even market the Watch as a health product because of inconsistencies in accuracy of the readings.

These intended functions of the Watch would have made it a game changer, but they couldn't pull it off in time. My money is that all these higher functions will be implemented in the second or third generation of the product. 

Think I'll give it some time and see where it all heads before committing so much money. 

In the meantime we can continue to drool over their highly polished product, industrial manufacture themed videos. Chet Faker's track is in the video above (great choice Apple). They're so well made and mesmerising! 

You can find the other videos from the Apple event at their YouTube channel: