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Great Advice for Photographers (and life in General)

I came across this great video on B&H's YouTube channel the other day which is definitely worthy of a share. It does go for quite long (44:27) but it is worth your time! 

The video is a talk presented by Vivienne Gucwa of New York Through The Lens, where she provides valuable insight and advice on her photography work flow and professional career. I really like how she details her story of how she got to where she is now as she did not initially set out to be a professional photographer. Photography as a lucrative and long term career will always have an ambiguous path and it is very helpful for her to provide some sort of insight into the whole process of becoming a professional shooter.

She highlights all the key moments and opportunities that came up in her career where said yes, and those moments ultimately led her to where she is now. Of course, she is clearly very talented and relentlessly hard working, but it goes to show that you must always keep an open mind to new opportunities.