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Free iPhone Wallpaper Pack 01

Wallpaper Pack 01 HERO

Hi all! I often change my iPhone wallpaper around quite often. I find it gives it a fresh kind of feel plus it helps me as a photographer to keep inspired and familiarise myself with composition etc. Seeing as I change wallpaper often anyway, I've decided to share some of my wallpaper with you in this very first free HD iPhone wallpaper pack.

All the images in this pack are taken by me and are HD quality. These wallpaper are originally formatted for the iPhone 6 Plus but I'm sure it'll fit just fine on other phones. 

Please feel free to download them for yourself and share the links with your friends. I have not watermarked any of the images (I hate watermarks). All I ask is that you credit me @itchban (or this website) for the images if you are to distribute them.

If you like my work you can find me on Instagram @itchban

Direct links to each wallpaper (ordered left to right)

Zipped file containing all three can be found below:



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