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How to make Instagram collages

Source: Instagram Blog

Source: Instagram Blog

Instagram released a new app: Layout

So Instagram has released another complimentary app: Layout. This take's their small app collective to a total of four (inclusive of the Instagram app) with Bolt and Hyperlapse. It seems their strategy is to build a collection of complimentary apps that all support the Instagram app, at the same time having their own functions and place in the app world. 

In their new Layout app, they've made it extremely easy to create Instagram collages: i.e. combining multiple images to the square 1:1 image format. I must state that I am firmly not a fan of Instagram collages simply due to the fact that the image size and real estate are too small to try and cram more than one image into that space. I feel that if you can't fit it into one Instagram photo then you shouldn't force it; but that's my own personal opinion.

Regardless of whether or not it was intended only to make collages, it seems that there is no limit or boundary for people's creativity (see the image top image). Pretty similar to how they leveraged Instagram's Hyperlapse app to stabilize their videos!

The app store download link for the app is down below: