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Caves Beach during high tide

Photo Set 09

Part two of the road trip is here! Caves Beach is just 10 minutes from Catherine Hill Bay Pier and you should definitely visit both since they're so close. One tip for you though: try to time your trip so you arrive at both locations during low tide. The Caves are located to the right (South) of the beach - you can't miss them.

By the time we arrived at Caves Beach the tide had already started to come in. My other two friends didn't even dare go into the cave because they didn't bring the appropriate gear/clothes.

The video above is of me trying to get to the set of rocks on the left for a photo. I could see the sand through the relatively shallow water so I thought I'd get a little wet and give it a go. A few steps in there was a sudden plunge and I got soaked lol. It was a soggy 3 hour drive home!

Inside the Cave, there is a small, crawlable passageway that leads you to the other side of the caves. I didn't take too many photos in the caves because my friends were waiting & the tide was coming further and further in. I can't afford new camera gear :(

Check it out.