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What it takes to Succeed as a Creative

Photography Lesson with John Free

If you're here at my blog, I'd have to assume that you have some interest in a creative field. Even if you don't, this is still a video you must watch! Pursuing any career and mastering it is something that so few of us are able to achieve in our lifetime.

In this video, I believe, is the perfect example of the attitude and will it takes to succeed in your creative field.

It is a short film (10 minutes) about the famous John Free - one of the street photography greats. John speaks about photography with so much lively passion, enthusiasm and pure energy that it is very obvious why he's considered one of the greats. With a career spanning over 40 years, John shares some of his wisdom about his approach to his craft.

I have yet to meet or see anyone so enthused about anything, and it is something that I aspire to achieve in my lifetime.

Via (/TheArtofPhotography)