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New Year, New Things

Olympus EM10 Oscar Wylee Shades EyeEm Magazine Magnum Contact Sheets

Hi All! I took a short break from blogging through the New Year but I'm back! Happy 2016 everyone :)

This year I want to bring more gear reviews into the mix of the things I buy & recommend. So to start this off, here are some new items I have got my hands on recently.

Olympus OM-D EM10 (Double Zoom Kit)

I won this tiny pocket rocket of a camera in the 12 days of Christmas competition @olympus_au was running on their Instagram account - the day 8 prize. The camera itself came with two zoom lenses (14-42 & 40-150) and is a micro four thirds system. This is perfect as my main shooter (Lumix GX8) is also a M43.

With the 14-42, the camera is basically pocketable so I plan on using this camera as my secondary - mostly to shoot 1080P video with.

Oscar Wylee Oliver Shades

The cool people over Oscar Wylee hooked me up with some specs & shades over the Christmas period. They're a company that I have supported for years now as they make awesome products and donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that you purchase. Check out their range - you won't be dissapointed!

EyeEm Magazine Issue 02 (Black Edition)

EyeEm have always been super supportive of my work and they have featured a one of my photographs in a full two page spread in their latest issue magazine. This magazine is purely dedicated to great photography and showcases some of the best from around the world. It's contributors range from amateurs to pros. If you're after a quality photography magazine grab yourself a copy!

Magnum Contact Sheets

THE ESSENTIAL book for any photographer. This book houses the contact sheets of some of the most famous photos to ever have been taken. A contact sheet - the row of film from which a shot was taken, is/was an essential part of how photographers edit their photos and choose the particular frames.

It shows the stories and thought processes behind these historic photos, from photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa to Bruce Gilden.