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Landscape Photography Tutorial (Shooting & Editing)

Shooting Landscapes (Above)

Hi friends! Here's a quick video link to @andrewtkearns full video tutorials on how he both shoots & edits his landscape photos. Super helpful! His style is always one that I've had a huge amount of respect for.

Watch the video above first.

Editing Landscapes

In the second video, he runs through his entire process of editing a few of the landscape snaps he took. What's most helpful / important about his video tutorial is that he doesn't use any presets to get started. This will really give you an insight in all the Lightroom Modules and tools you need to familiarise yourself with (if you want to achieve a similar look to his).

You should probably check out his channel and throw it a subscribe too. He's quickly becomming one of my favourite vloggers - esp with the recent departure of Casey Neistat.

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