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4 Photographers Shoot the same Photo (Bondi Beach)

A photo posted by Benjamin Lee (@itchban) on

01. @itchban (me, above)

Hi friends! The other day I went out shooting at Bondi Beach with a few other friends. The conditions lined up perfectly and I took one of my favourite photos of the year that day (see above). The sea mist was thick and the sun broke through a small patch of clouds for a few minutes. That produced these crazy rays which were cast over the hill & building through the mist and onto the beach.

I shot mine on a Canon 6D with a cheap Sigma 30-700mm Lens.
ISO 100, 1/4000s, f/5.6

It was a challenge to shoot because I knew I wanted to just cut the sun out of the frame so it wouldn't flare too much. I wanted a surfer or swimmer in the bottom, with that section being in focus, plus I wanted to line up that specific building as a main focal point too. All of that, on top of waiting for the light to be just right so the rays and colour would come through.

Take a browse below at the other photos from my friends. Pretty cool how we all shot the same thing, yet all our photos are so different.


02. @_davidsark

Shot on a Canon 5D, 16-35mm lens.

A photo posted by David Sark (@_davidsark) on


03. @borneon.lad

Shot on a Nikon D750 with a Sigma 70-200mm lens.



Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus (ikr..).

A photo posted by Jerry (@yojeddy) on

Who did it best? Which one do you prefer?

I like mine the best obviously lol. But excluding mine, I'd have to say I like 04. @yojeddy. Jerry went the extra mile and jumped in the water to get that shot from a different perspective. Oh, and he only used his iPhone 7 Plus...

You should check out their accounts.

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