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Sydney Street Portraits


Queen Victoria Building, NSW AUSTRALIA
28 Feb 2016

Spent the day creeping around the city with @borneon.lad & @_davidsark doing some sneaky street photography. This genre of photography will always be a favourite of mine. I dig the candidness of it all. There's something about catching someone in a moment & natural state of thought, undisturbed and just living life. Then they look up and catch you taking a photo of them and this brief moment disappears real quick. They either smile at you, or get angry, but by that time it's too late - I've already caught that moment and moved on.

This is probably one of my favourite street photos. I like it because of how natural the subject looks mixed in with all the layers and movement of the city. She was all chill with her earphones plugged in that she never even noticed I was there. This shot was inspired by @monaris_ work. I highly recommend you check her IG out.