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Urbex in Sydney


16 FEB 2016

The first rule of Urbexing is to never talk about it's location (for fear of it becoming mainstream lol).

Since Instagram hit the mainstream, hunting for bando's (abandoned buildings) has become quite popular. I can see the attraction to urbexing - a rebellious sense of danger, exploration and adventure wrapped in a grimy rundown setting. These forgotten locations have a strong sense of character, history and attitude that make for interesting photos.

I am no Urbex pro by any means, but from the few times that I have been I have found a few things in common with the whole experience:

  1. Urbex stinks. The second you get into the building you'll be smothered in stink - a stale mixture of rotting smells. Brace yourself.
  2. Urbex involves broken glass & nails (everywhere). Whether it be from smashed windows or smashed beer bottles, there will be broken glass everywhere. There will also be planks of wood with protruding nails everywhere.
  3. Urbex & climbing. This is standard, to get anywhere worth seeing you'll most likely have to climb something. Be careful and make sure the structures you climb are stable.
  4. Urbex is dark. Bring torches. There are dark rooms, nooks and crannies to be explored and you don't want to step on broken glass or protruding nails so bring lighting!

Have fun & be safe; it's not worth dying for.