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Best Train Station in Sydney


Epping Station, NSW AUSTRALIA
08 March 2016 / 009

If you live in Sydney or are visiting, you should definitely check out the Epping & Macquarie Park train stations. They are easily the most photogenic stations in NSW, possibly Australia. These stations run on the same line and both have underground platforms. They are about 30 minutes out of the Sydney CBD. 

Both stations are relatively new and have these rad lines & vanishing points. On this particular night, me and a few of the boys (@nightsnlights, @demasrusli, @jrhigz_, @borneon.lad, @rojphotography, @druff103) hit both the stations and all got some pretty bangin bangers. Be sure to check out all their accounts.

Tip: shoot these stations later at night when there are less people. That way you can do drag/slow shutter shots like this without having a bunch of blurry people in your shots. There will be less trains running through so be patient and pay attention to the train timetable.