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Sydney Night Photography Workshop (@nightsnlights)

Photo by: Gareth Hayman @nightsnlights

Photo by: Gareth Hayman @nightsnlights

Hey Sydney Siders! My good friend and all round lit photographer buddy Gareth Hayman (@nightsnlights) is running a Sydney Night Photography Workshop. The 3 hour Sydney tour workshops will be held in small groups and will be more intimate so that the classes are more personalised to help you learn everything you need to get started in night photography.

You should check out his work at and if you dig it, I'd highly recommend you consider taking his workshop. Personally I've learnt a lot about night photography through him - I might even show up at some of these workshops to help Gareth out & meet you all. For more details & enquiries check the link below:

P.S. Are any of you interested in photography workshops? This is something that's crossed my mind and I'd love nothing more than to teach you all what I've learnt about photography.

If so send me and email to express interest and maybe I can organise something: