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Adidas NMD Campaign (Outtake)

13 March 2016 / 011

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting for Adidas on their NMD launch campaign. It was a lot of fun and I have so many photos from the campaign that didn't get used - this is one of my favourites that didn't make the cut.

The campaign had me shooting a few photos for my own Instagram along with shooting a bunch of Influencers in an urban setting. These influencers included famous chefs / restaurant owners, an up-and-coming musician, a DJ and an actress.

The best part of it all though, was driving past Hype (shoe store) in the city at 11PM seeing people camping overnight for the launch, knowing I had an unreleased pair on my feet and another pair waiting for me at home.

*Sidenote - I'll try to share more of my commercial work with you guys as I've been getting quite a few emails regarding this stuff!