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Secret Instagram Locations


Sea Cliff Bridge, NSW AUSTRALIA
12 March 2016 / 010

Such a long eventful day. We spent it showing our friend @alenpalander around Sydney. First stop: Sea Cliff Bridge. We hiked to this secret location through snake infested areas. I've always heard rumours about there being snakes in these areas and never believed them until I came across large animal bones. The rumours are true. 

We then tried to get to the bottom of the bridge but had no idea how. We found a route which was the wrong way and @demasrusli almost fell off a cliff lol (he didn't die). We made it down there eventually (see here) and it was totally rad.

I guess the lesson here is to be safe, but explore a location for the best spots even if it means going off the track a little. I always get people asking me how to get to certain locations on Instagram and it makes me wonder why. Half the fun of these adventures is working things out on your own. I'm quite notorious for getting our road trip groups lost but most of my fondest memories from these trips are usually from result of me getting us lost. The satisfaction of finding a secret location on your own is way better than getting easy directions from someone else.