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Mr Porter Campaign Hero Photo


North Head, Manly Australia
22 April 2016

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be asked by Mr Porter to collaborate with them by creating some images to help launch their sports campaign. They gave me a budget to spend on their online store to purchase some sports items to shoot. I spent some of the budget on this rad Musto Shooting Jacket (pictured) and knew I had to find somewhere epic to shoot it.

After watching Sam Evans Vlog I knew I had found the place! This location is somewhere in the Manly North Heads scrubland and took some research and bush bashing to get to but it was worth it. Chino (pictured), Mario, Josh and I set out before dawn, in the dark, to get there for sunrise and had to quickly hustle to get this shot as the light was turning harsh real quick.

Pretty happy with the results I think. This is probably one of my recent favourite "hero" images - and I didn't even have to travel too far to get it.