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My Music Playlist: Vibes Supply Co.

Hi friends! I get a ton of DM's and comments from you guys on my social media asking for song names for the tracks that I use in my videos and stories. I've also gotten a few requests for a Spotify playlist. As I don't use Spotify, here's the next best thing: I've created a YouTube music curation channel!

There you'll find a playlist of my current favourite tracks, most of them which I've used (or plan to use) in my video / stories. As I do not own the music content, I cannot upload more popular songs. Also important to note, is that I am not making money off of this YouTube channel - it is purely for your listening pleasure.

It is also a continuation of my Awe Supply Co. brand which I have stretched to include this new music channel. This is part of my yearly plan of growing the Awe Supply Co. family.

It would mean a lot to me if you considered checking out the channel and subscribing to help give it the momentum it needs to grow. Thanks for your continued support!

You can find me on Instagram @itchban