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New Series: Hump Day Entertainment #01

New video series - 5x YouTube Vids per episode

Proud to introduce a new curation series - a series of 5 Videos (mostly from YouTube) in a blog post for when you have some spare time to kill. These videos will be of a random / entertainment type nature and are usually cool clips I've come across. 

I'll try to make it a weekly thing, but not sure if there will be enough worthy content to post so it might have to be a fortnightly series. I'll try to find videos under the 10 minute mark to not waste too much of your time :)

Let me know what you think in the comment section below! If you have any videos you'd like to submit link them in the Comment section or hit me up via email:

To kick it things off:

/CaiseyNeistat : Snapchat Murders Facebook (05:46)

(Video top of page)

Can't get enough of this Casey's videos. They're so good. He has got the art of "cool" down in his film making. Casey raises a valid point in why Snapchat's meteoric rise might be the downfall of the Social media dinosaur (Facebook). 

/Arborcollective : James Kelly - Burn It Down (03:45) 

This video possibly tops my previous post of two guys long boarding it down in the Alps (at least in terms of raw speed). I'm pretty sure at one point he's going faster than the cars are. BEWARE, there is blood. You have been warned.

/Bobbyhundreds : TheHundreds Passing through HK (08:29)

The guys from the Apparel brand "The Hundreds" have created a "Passing through" YouTube video series where they document the lifestyle, culture and food in various countries. Definitely worth checking out as they offer a unique take on travel.

/Googleplay : X-Men - Catching Quicksilver (01:51)

Possible the best scene of X-Men Days of Future Past. Scratch that. Definitely the best scene of all the Marvel X-Men movie franchise. Did you know a stuntman actually ran around the walls in the kitchen? Probs would have been easier in CG..

/Cutmedia1 - Danny Macaskill: The Ridge (07:39)

Bicycle stunting around in the mountains. This dude has balls.