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Hump Day Entertainment #02

/NISSINchannel : Samurai in Manchester (03:14)

Something about Ninjas & Samurai's just exudes cool. This is a follow up to the popular Samurai in Brazil video that was released during the world cup (I will link this video in the next episode). These guys got skill!

/leonardodalessandri (Vimeo) : Watchtower of Turkey (03:33)

Turkey is such a beautiful place. I think the tourism board of Turkey has been on a splurge lately but I guess it's paying off. WARNING: this video does get a bit nauseous but is cool none the less. The videographer does have some skill, and I bet he could make anywhere look just as beautiful. 

/Gopro : 73-foot Canyon Gap Backflip (01:51)

The marketing power and reach of Gopro is limitless. The 73-foot jump is not even the most impressive part of this Gopro video. 

/Thehundreds : Passing Through HK 2/2 (05:55)

This is part 2/2 of the passing through series (check the previous episode for links to 1/2). Hong Kong can be a pretty cool looking place. The Hundreds guys look like a fun enough group to vicariously travel with.

/Papierfliegerei : Paper Airplane Machine Gun (0:42)

Automated, paper plane folding, machine gun. This guy is a genius, and his invention will change the world!

/Unboxtherapy : iPhone 6 Plus - The Bend Uncut (03:19)

Ok last video for this episode. If you read my blog often, you'll know I'm a pretty big Apple fan. Still though, this guy makes the iPhone 6 Plus look like a melting chocolate bar on a hot sunny day. Please don't buy into the #bendgate rumours. Sure, the iPhone 6 is more malleable than most other phones on the market but unless you're intentionally trying to demolish a $1000 phone like this guy, you should be ok.