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Hump Day Entertainment #03

/SMTOWN : Hitchhiker - ELEVEN (03:52)

This is definitely the weirdest video you'll have seen in a while! The Koreans definitely have a flare for the random, and this video is no exception. It hasn't really picked up in the viral sense like Gangnam style did, but who knows. Maybe it's just a matter of time.

/Nissinchannel - Samurai in Brazil (02:00)

This is the original advert From Nissin noodles which ran during the world cup. I posted the Samurai in Manchester in last weeks episode if ya'll remember. 

/Theverge - Instagram Hyperlapse Stabilization (03:06)

Facebook has a strong history of bungling new app releases. Thank god, Instagram, who is now owned by Facebook, did not follow that same pattern. Hyperlapse was released by the Instagram group and is actually pretty cool. It's meant to compliment Instagram's video feature by providing a very powerful stabilisation and hyperlapse software. In this video, The Verge show you that you can use it for more than just hyper lapse.d

/Veritasium - Facebook Fraud [Part 1/2] (08:59)

Lets be honest. Facebook has been on the decline for a while now. And ever since opening a Facebook page for, it has become even more apparent to me. Facebook has already lost traction with the younger generations en masse, and now it seems, it is trying to lose it's older users too. Veritasium does a great job in explaining why it is on an irrecoverable path. 

/Veristasium - The problem with Facebook [2/2] (06:59)

This is the follow up (bonus) video to why we should all abandon Facebook. 

/Comedycentral : Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher (03:01)

An oldie but a goodie. It's no wonder Key & Peele got picked up by a studio. Funniest guys on YouTube by far!