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Instagram Sins: Full Frame Cropping Issues

If you guys remember, I previously wrote and blog post about an Instagram Sin: Instagrammers not using the full 1:1 frame and force cropping their 3:2 & 2:3 images to fit the Instagram square format. This is a huge no-no. It destroys your feed presentation and shows that you're not flexible and considerate enough as a photographer to be aware of the medium and format you're shooting for.

Well I recently took a shot (the photo above) which is a 3:2 formatted image that perfectly highlights this Instagram formatting struggle (it's real). 

The composition of the original image is perfect the way it is in 3:2 format as you can see the subject, the symmetry as well as the greenery on each side. If I were to commit the Instagram cropping sin, the image would have to look like this the one on the left:

Force cropped to fit 1:1

Cropped Image

It looks horrible all squished, and would definitely be out of place in my Instagram feed. The only other option for me is to crop the photo and have it look like the photo on the right. The image is no where near as complete as the original image because the composition is destroyed. 

The truth is, this image belongs on mediums that support all formats of images like Tumblr, Flickr, Blogs or VSCO where it can be displayed in its entirety.

I guess the cropped version (right) will have suffice for my Instagram account for now, where in the description box I can direct my followers to the full, uncropped version on VSCO.

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