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Snapseed's long awaited IOS & Android update

Snapseed 2.0

So Google didn't actually forget that they owned Snapseed. They released their first major update in two whole years - that's the equivalent of two eternities in tech speak. Luckily the update is definitely worthy of praise as it was much needed! The update comes for the iPhone & iPad as well as it's Android counterpart.

Notable New Features


The update has finally brought the app to the present with a great new UI (user interface) which is relatively intuitive and easy to use. They have also brought additional features:

  • A power and easy to use Blur tool
  • Spot healing (saves you the hassle of using Photoshop or TouchRetouch); not that effective and a bit difficult to use tbh.
  • Perspective transformation (you can now skew horizontally and vertically as well as rotate)

These three major changes are all done in a non-destructive way which is exactly what photographers want to hear.

Snapseed was always a great app because firstly: it's free, and secondly, it's Selective adjustments tool was unique in the mobile editing environment. Let's hope Google can continue to improve this app!