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Designing the future

The future has arrived, and we don't even know it.

There are so many new user experiences which are stealthily enabled by technology that we take for granted everyday. So much so, that the future has arrived without us ever even realising it. In this weeks video from Shots of Awe, Jason Silva talks about how on demand services are almost enabling us to imagine something and have it happen as if magically invoked into action by our thoughts alone. 

With a few taps of your finger on a smartphone, you can summon an Uber to take you to your destination where your Airbnb accommodation is ready and waiting for you. The concept and the technology behind On Demand services is an idea that is more futuristic than we care to think about.

Verbalising the scale and the power of how they are even possible really does echo the futuristic possibilities only ever dreamed about by generations past. Take a minute to really think about how far our civilisation has come; it's mind boggling!