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Instagram adds Emoji Hashtags


Instagram just released an update for their app with a few changes: 3 new filters, a design tweak to the like and comment UI, Apple Watch support AND HASHTAG EMOJIS. Yes, you read that right.

Yep, Emoji Hashtags are now a thing.

You can now use emojis in your hashtags. This exponentially increases the amount of new, fresh & unique hashtags you can create. So far from what I've tested, you can have single emoji hashtags, multiple (string) of emoji hashtags, and even use them in combination with letters and numbers!


  • Singular: #😁

  • String: #😊👍

  • Letter & Numeric: #hello😊15

It's possible now to create "secret" or very specific community hashtags with combinations of emojis and/or letters and numbers. So go forth, and create your new hashtags! 

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