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Belango State Forest


Photo Set 10

Belanglo State Forest is certainly a beautiful & photogenic location - and it's not even that far a drive from Sydney (1.5hrs). It's expansive and quite lush with planted American Pine trees that are all lined up symmetrically.

This makes for amazing photos as the planned symmetry of the forest creates some amazing leading lines and vanishing points! There is something about the dark pine green that contrasts so well with skin tones - perfect for portraiture.

If you plan to visit, definitely don't go alone.

All that said though, this forest has a dark and infamous history and you will undoubtedly sense it's ominous vibes. It will forever be tied to Australia's most infamous serial killer (and more recently his nephew). It is too grim for me to go into detail here, so if you want to know more just Google "Belanglo State Forest".

It is very hard to shake that creepy vibe in the forest - it's eerily quiet and there are strong corridors of chilling draft wind which will penetrate straight through your bones. The roads which run through the forest are pretty poorly paved which is probably why there is almost zero cars which pass through the forest. Bring a tougher AWD vehicle if you have the option.

Don't freak out too much though, this forest is still definitely worth the visit - it's just too beautiful to avoid. Instead, focus on the beauty of the forest & nature and ignore all the other negative vibes of the past.

If anything, it should make your trip to this forest even more of an adventure! You might even be lucky enough to spot the odd family of Kangaroos which hop through the tree lines (too quick for my camera to capture unfortunately).

Note: I spent a solid 2 hours here and took just under 1000 shots - most of which are too good not to share. I've put the last batch into a viewable gallery located at the bottom of this post.