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Site Changes: Photo Essays + Projects

Project (in progress): Through My iPhone

Project (in progress): Through My iPhone


I've made a slight change to the site's navigation menu. If you haven't noticed, the Work link in the navigation menu has now become a drop down menu with more options:


This means more regular content for you all. I'll be posting more of what I've been up under this section so you can follow along easier. 

Along with my portfolio (which I'll be updating through each season), all my photo essays from my adventuring will be found there as well as any personal projects that I'm currently working on. 

The first project I've decided to share with you is a Through My iPhone themed one that is still a work in progress. It's idea is for me to build an archive of #iphoneception type shots of the places I visit - as seen through my iPhone. Again, it's an ongoing project (with no real end date) so check back often to see the new photos that I add to the collection!