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Tech Armor Screen Protector & Power Bank Review


I was recently sent some product samples to review by the kind folks at The two products I requested are absolute daily essentials that I recommend to everyone because we all rely on our smartphones for so much these days!

HD Ballistics Glass Screen Protector


I have said this before, and I'll say it again: Tempered Glass screen protectors are awesome! Don't even bother with the traditional film screen protectors - tempered glass protectors is where it's at!


  • Superior (glass) touch - it feels so much better to touch than the traditional film screen protectors. It feels as though you're touching the actual smartphone screen!
  • Resistant to fingerprint smudges - the oleophobic coating ensures that your fingerprints stay off the screen for longer. That means you don't have to wipe your phone 50 times a day.
  • Superior clarity - it's so much clearer than the traditional film protectors because you're looking through actual glass. People often ask me why my phone is so much clearer than theirs.
  • Tough as nails - with a 9H rating, it's scratch resistant. I'm pretty sure it's saved my phone screen from a few drops already!


  • Installation is a little harder and slightly more unforgiving. You only have one chance to apply it. Tip: take your time with it and follow the installation instructions.
  • Slightly thicker than the traditional film counterpart. It's something you'll forget about really soon though. In the picture above you can see it but barely.

The HD Ballistics glass sample sent to me from ticks all the right boxes and a bonus is that it's edges are curved to make it more seamless with the edges of my iPhone 6 Plus. It's highly recommended and after using it I'll never go back to the traditional film protectors!

You can purchase it here:

Active Power Bank 3000 mAh


My iPhone 6 Plus is my work horse. Although the battery life is pretty great, I use my phone so often that I can never usually make it through the day. When I'm on the road, my power woes are even worse!

If this sounds like you, then you should look into buying an external portable battery. Tech Armor's Active Power Bank solutions are affordable unlike a lot of other power banks out there. It's also very simple, which is exactly what you'd want from a power bank.

Best of all, it's small and compact, perfect for those of you who travel a lot. Being so compact though, it's 3000 mAh capacity can easily give my iPhone 6 Plus a full charge.

Purchase Tech Armor's power bank solutions here: