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Gear Guide: Samsung's new Serif OLED TV

Design Masterpiece

I've always known that the traditional television would eventually become ubiquitous and permeate through all facets of our daily life. In the last decade, televisions have become multi-functional screens that have spread throughout our homes and even found a way to live in our pockets through way of smartphones.

It was only a matter of time before they'd be integrated even further into our furniture and decor. The Serif TV for Samsung, I feel, is the first meaningful step towards making televisions less of an eyesore in our homes.

Legendary design duo Rowan & Erwan Bouroullec,  have taken cues from the typeface Serif style and build a truly beautiful OLED television that dissapears into your decor.

It's definitely made it onto my "to-buy" list. Check out the video, and I'm sure you'll also agree.