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I met one of my favourite Photographers!

06 Feb 2016

For the longest time, I would drool over all the photos that James Frost (@frostyphoto) would post on his IG. His photos are perfection (in my opinion). He captures his subjects & landscapes in natural lighting that is always so subtle, moody and real. His work has been a major inspiration to my own and he's definitely one of my top 3 favourite photographers.

And then I met him in person - kind of surreal actually. For a photographer that I have admired for a long time, he'd only really been a Instagram username up until this point. Turns out he's a real person - and he grew up in NSW too. 

The Visit Wollongong meet was organised by the local council to promote the Wollongong region so they invited a few big-name Instagrammers to lead the meet (@robmulally, @twistdee, @lichipan, @william_patino & @frostyphoto). We rolled down there with the boys and ended up spinning steel wool at Bombo Quarry after the meet which was pretty dope (see here).


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