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LeCord Gold iPhone Lightning Cable

LeCord Gold iPhone Lightning Cable

Let me introduce to you the awesome Swedish company LeCord. They make really rad mobile textile cables like the gold lightning cable above. I mean come on, who doesn't want a matching gold lightning cable!? I'm very excited to be collaborating with them through Instagram and they have sent me this sample product to test & shoot.

It is easily the best looking lightning cable I've seen so far. It is tangle free, durable and very well made. The gold hue of the cable matches my gold iPhone 6S Plus exactly - very impressed! It makes me wonder why Apple haven't jumped on this themselves. The standard white lightning cables that ship with the iPhone are boring, get dirty easily and tear often.

LeCord also stock a range of cables in other designs among android compatible cables. Keep an eye out for my Instagram post with this cable and be sure to give it some love!

You can also find them on Instagram @lecordcables and me @itchban.