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New Favourite Camera Bag

@inspirationcultmag x Makavelic

Hi friends! A while back I asked you all on my Instagram stories for camera bag recommendations because my Chrome Industries Niko backpack was ripped and falling apart. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions! I think I've found my new favourite camera bag.

It is made by a Japanese company called Makavelic, and this bag in particular is the collaboration between them and the guys over at @inspirationcultmag so you know this bag is perfectly customised for serious photographers. I've been using it and putting it through it's paces for the past month and I really like it. I know how hard it is to find the right camera bag as I'm sure a lot of you are still out there searching for the perfect one.

Read on for my thoughts on why this is the perfect camera bag for me.

The size

This bag is the perfect size for me. This was one of the issues I had with my previous camera bag - which was great but a little too small for anything more than a day trip. I'd have to jam pack it full of as much gear as I could and there wasn't really room for anything else. Being able to fit more stuff means the bag gets quite heavy, but the straps and back padding are nice and soft and makes it pretty comfortable to carry heavier loads. The top storage compartment is expandable via a draw string depending on how much or little other stuff you need to carry.

Camera compartment

It can fit quite a lot of camera gear and the overall bag size is not too big to use as a day pack. Access to the camera compartment is via the back which will help protect you from thieves and pickpockets. There is a small quick side access on the bottom right of the bag so you can easily access your camera. The camera compartment is a nice red colour, is well padded and for once, comes with enough dividers for you to setup the camera compartment any way you like. You can also unzip the divider which separates the top storage compartment from the camera portion of the bag. 

style & design

Coming in second after the usability of the bag, is how it looks. I like the dark grey colour as it is pretty stealth and doesn't scream camera bag. The dark grey also matches a cool red interior.

In true Japanese style, the attention to detail that went into designing this bag is on point. There has been enough thought and input from real-world photographers which makes this bag very usable for anyone serious about photography. It is made with a Cordura fabric which is strong, durable, and resistant to scratches and tears. The bag is pretty well sealed and should be able to handle light rain, but if not, it comes with a smart rain cover that is stored in the base of the backpack. This is awesome because it also doubles as padding for the bottom of your bag when you're not using the cover. 

Easy access storage

A big problem I had with my last bag was that there wasn't many places to store small items for quick and easy access. This bag has a number of easy access pouches where you can store things like your passport or AirPods. It has a drink pouch on the side (thank god) and as you can see in the photo above, the interior storage pouches are made with a clear plastic cover so you can see exactly what's in them. It also stores my 15" Microsoft Surface Book 2 pretty comfortably.

Bottom mounted Tripod holder

If you've ever walked around in a busy city or caught public transport with a camera bag and tripod you'd know how important this is. I love how the tripod straps are on the bottom of the bag. This means that it isn't protruding and I won't smack anyone in the face when I turn around (I knocked a few people by accident the last few times I was in Tokyo). The straps are also adjustable so you can larger pieces of equipment to the bottom.

Highly recommended

If you're looking a new, good looking and functional camera bag, I would highly recommend this bag. It is perfect for anyone who is looking to travel a little and also use it as a casual day bag. It is stylish and is unique enough that people won't realise it is a camera backpack. It seems every photographer and his mother are walking around with the same camera bags these days (*ahem Peak Design peeps) so this bag can help you seperate from the other sheep.

Where to purchase

I received the bag as an early product preview to test, take photos of and to review for my blog. It will release and be ready for purchase in the coming month. For more info and to get on top of the release please follow @inspirationcultmag on Instagram.

You find further info and photos of the bag in the link below:

Huge thanks to the team at ICM & Makavelic for sending me this camera bag! (This review is not sponsored! I genuinely really like this bag).

P.S. If you don't know who the @inspirationcultmag guys are you should definitely check them out! They are hands down the best photographers in Japan, period. Check them out here

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